Classroom Is A Healthy, Stable Environment That Provides A Positive Education

Classroom Is A Healthy, Stable Environment That Provides A Positive Education

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1. Statement of purpose
The purpose of our classroom is to provide a healthy, stable environment that provides a positive education. Students will gain knowledge and respect others while being creative and having fun.

2. Rules - Specific, observable, measurable, stated positively, convey expected behavior, 3-5
Some rules would be: Keep your hands and feet to yourself, stay walking in the classroom, raise your hand if you want to talk, listen to others while they are speaking, follow directions, use your words, stay happy and have fun. Raise your hand and wait to be called on, show me your listening ears if you hear me. Hang your bag up and get ready for class, put your project away and clean your spot.

3. Procedures- why, where, what, who, when, & how
Morning entry- This procedure is needed so the children’s belongings get hung up and are out of the way of the classroom. This procedure is needed in the classroom once they arrive at school. This procedure is for keeping the classroom clean and organized, providing a safe environment for learning. The children will learn this procedure along with their parents, the teachers will demonstrate how it is done. The procedure is needed for once they arrive at school and the children will learn what they need to do and when. We will recognize completion when their belongings are hung up and not on the floor.

• Morning play- This procedure is for the children to have fun and play with their peers. This procedure is needed so they know what to do when morning play is over. The procedure will consist of them picking up after themselves when they are done play with toys and also for the transition to the next activity. The successful completion will to have the children pick up all the ...

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...t them know what is going on with their child, keep them updated. The first week of school will have a lot of teaching moments along with practicing. We will go over the rules and procedures that I expect out of them. We can demonstrate some scenarios that might happen and let them know how we will handle it. The colleagues can have a copy but I also will have it posted on the board and in a binder as well, so they will have access to it. It is important to give the parents a copy as well as them sign off on it saying they agree to my rules and procedures of how we will go about and handle situations. Throughout the year we will update the procedures and rules if anything needs to be changed or added. We will also meet with the parents a few times a year just to give them updates in person of how their child is doing and any concerns we may have or they might have.

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