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Another example of classical theory is administrative principles. Even though scientific management and administrative theories fall under the same category, both of them are very different. Administrative theory is identified to have five general rules used in today’s modern society such as foresight, organisational, command, coordinate and control (Schermerhorn et al. 2014). Mary Parker Follet is well known for her contribution she made towards administrative approach her ideas included things like freedom of speech living in a diverse community, equality for all workers, resolve conflict situations and no dominated authority required (Schermerhorn et al. 2014). Dynamic Administration is an enhanced version of the principles used by modern managers where Mary illustrates the power and ability gained when public relationships are well maintained and the employment empowerment is maximised through ownership which simultaneously increases the popularity of the organisation (Schermerhorn et al. 2014). In other words, if a problem arises then instead of dominating one another both parties should come to a mutual agreement that they will have to act to solve the problem (Miller and Vaughan 2001). If the work place has a good hospitality skills and friendly environment towards their worker mates and their customers then there it is more likely for the customers to return to the organisation hence, more profit will be earned. Whereas, comparing it to scientific management the theory it would not help attract customers. Although administrative principle is a very objective it is still considered to be useful to the modern managers to work in a modern society. It is absolutely critical to take into consideration that administration highly...

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...rganisational examples were shown as evidence to support the theories. Scientific management is in fact very efficient and has high effectiveness although, sometimes its ethical wrong. Administrative management is implemented as a very structured management provides financially stability, social security and plays a huge role in human relationships however, it may not be practical in an everyday basis. Both of these classical theories are essential for modern management in order to achieve a high rate of success levels in a global perspective in the future. Contingency is another theory which is used in an immediate situation when there is a problem then this approach helps deal with the problem and try to find a solution. This is known to be useful for modern management but now a day organisational issues require contingency management in order to solve the problem.

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