Classical College Preparatory High School Essay

Classical College Preparatory High School Essay

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Ezra Bleau
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A choice is among all young pre-teens and their parents that come along the end of their middle school education, and on the cusp of their high school careers. The choice is that of a Classical College Preparatory High School or the Career Technical High School which will layout how there future unravels and for different outcomes will be had for each path. (For the remainder of the essay Classical College Preparatory will be referred to as Classical and Career Technical High School will be referred to as CTE.)The choice of either high schools have been on the minds of families since the late 60’s when the first Vocational High Schools started to appear around the country offering trades to students , that may not be able to graduate high school and continue to further an education at a 4 year institution. The trades that the students were learning provided a useful service to the American way of life. Trades that were offered were automotive, carpentry, machine manufacturing, seamstress, and various blue collar jobs. The classical schools offered traditional courses with the mindset of furthering the student’s educational careers, toward a 4 year college or a junior college. Since the 60’s there has been more funding pushing through the state and federal level to increase the technical and academic learning and skills at CTE schools and programs, pushing them to the 21st century. In the present and the near future the need for individuals trained in 21st century skills has increased greatly. The new programs that are now being offered in the CTE schools range from pre-med(medical assisting, CNA licensure ) , pre-law (Law enforcement, legal assistant programs) business management (re...

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... different pedagogy styles that are going to expect to see at the high schools? What are the dropout rates, will this have an effect on my student? What are the graduation outlooks, college acceptance rates? What are the expectations of pay when I leave the high school? As the United States of America moves into the 21st century we need to ask ourselves, Am I we helping our next generation plan for the future, are we providing them with the tools to succeed? The large difference between a Classical Preparatory High School and A Career Technical Education High School is that they are preparing young Americans to succeed in today’s work place, by developing students that poses, critical thinking skills , hands on ability , and employability skills. That will help them attain a career after graduation or continue to expand their abilities in a 4 year institution.

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