Class Conflict During The Miners ' Strike Of ' 84 Essay

Class Conflict During The Miners ' Strike Of ' 84 Essay

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While Pride’s main focus is to show class conflict during the miners’ strike of ’84 as well as solidarity between LGSM (Lesbian and Gays Support the Miners) and the Welsh mining community, the issues of women’s rights is also a causal theme running within the film. Within this essay will be a critical analysis of the events which take place from different feminist perspectives as well as the relation to the way in which women’s rights are portrayed and addressed by the members of the LGSM community and other characters along with a reflection of women’s rights during the time period.
The film focuses on a 20 year old closet gay man named Joe whom arrives in London for his first Gay Pride event and is taken under the wing of a group of gay and lesbian friends who also fight for gay rights. While the group are threatened by Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher for her homophobic “family values”, the miners are also on strike in response to pit closures and main protagonist Mark Ashton, an outgoing openly gay man, believes that gays and miners should show solidarity through their shared struggles of oppression. The group find themselves in the Welsh village of Onllwyn and through fund raising, attempt to show the welsh mining community that they are fighting on the same side. When a homophobic village member who doesn’t support the group attempts to ruin the LGSM and miner partnership with a tabloid slander in a well-known newspaper, Mark sees it as a positive opportunity and uses the incident to his advantage by gaining publicity to promote a charity concert in an attempt to earn more money for the miners. The majority of the villagers turn up and it’s clear an unlikely friendship between the two groups have been made due to LGSM’s con...

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...atively impacts women as they are then seen as objects that men must practice on to ensure their masculinity complies by society’s idea of male (Tong, 1984).
In essence, there are many feminist critiques that can be made from the film Pride. While the film focuses on equality for sexual minority groups, there are several elements which reflect the rife sexism within the 1980s and particularly in small knit communities which rely on male labour work and perpetuate the breadwinner and homemaker roles. However, Steph’s reaction to Gail’s internalised misogyny positively shows female empowerment and recognising the oppression that other women face in order to target it. It’s also important to remember the ways in which men, although benefiting from it, can also be negatively impacted by the patriarchy with rigid gender roles and expectations in regards to male sexuality.

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