The Civil War Was A Terrible Four Years Essay

The Civil War Was A Terrible Four Years Essay

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The Civil War was a terrible four years that represented one of America’s defining era’s. From 1861 to 1865, northern and southern halves of the country fought against each other in what was know as a “bloody” civil war (Seidman 10). The Civil War was a time in history that made Americans question things such as; what it means to be an American citizen, and what price are they willing to pay for their beliefs? (Seidman 11). Though the North had superiority in resources, the South still had the ability to hold out for so long in the Civil War. There were many different levels of causation that essentially led the South into holding out for many years, rather than just months. These causations include not only fighting with a passion and heart to protect themselves and their rights, but also the ability of the Southern officers and the effective strategy of both sides.
To briefly mention why the Civil war happened is a significant component in understanding why the South held out for s long. The causes of the war stemmed from westward expansion. As new territories applied for statehood, it disrupted the balance of power between free and slave states in the senate-the north already had a majority in the house. Sectionalism or, pride and love for one 's section rather than nation as a whole, grew. By the time Lincoln, a republican, was elected, the southerners felt they no longer had a federal government that represented their way of life which resulted in them breaking away. The premise for the founding of our country in the Declaration of Independence was based on the idea that a social contract exists. This means that when the government fails to protect your natural rights, the people have the right to break free and form ...

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.... This too also marked a major turning point in the Civil War due to its “gloomy and demoralizing” outcome the Southerns felt (Seidman 114). Sherman continued to march through the South and capture Southerners land. Sherman “stole much of everything” (Lecture). The South was unable to stop him. It was then, after four long years of fighting that Lee finally surrendered and the civil war was won by the Union.
The Civil War was a major war in American History. When looking back today, it seems as though this war was something that had to happen. The South was succeeded from the Union and it was one way to ensure that would not necessarily happen. Something that should have lasted a few months turned out to last four years. Due to the Souths passion to protect their rights, their great generals and military strategies it is clear to see why this war lasted so long.

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