The Civil Rights Movement : Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks And Malcolm X

The Civil Rights Movement : Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks And Malcolm X

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The Civil Rights Movement is a historic movement in the United States, that being said what we’ve been taught in the history books is only half the story told by the males of society. Though important characters like Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks and Malcolm X are key players still in the movement what is important to understand is that there is another part of the story that had just as much if not more impact. These are the stories of women in the Southern states who were strong enough to give voice to the sexual assaults of Black women, showcasing the ugliness of the Southern states and by placing a limelight on these events (Lecture 4/6). This forced the slow erosion of white supremacy in Southern States as a means for these states to stay alive under the overwhelming outrage directed at them, thusly propelling the Civil Rights Movement forward.
Though these cases were very important to the Civil Rights Movement as a means to show that sexism and racism were still running rampant in the South, one can only think of the horror these women, and sometimes girls went through. They showcased how horrific it was to be a Black woman in the South but more importantly how these perpetrators had no qualms about the age of their victims, and this could not be truer that in Rosa Lee Coates case. This case talks about the injustice inflicted upon young african american girls, this particular case involved a white man, Mr. Norman Cannon, who went into a Black community asking for a young girl who could babysit for him, which turned into him taking, the unsuspecting Rosa Lee Coates, out to the outskirts of town, raping her and then abandoning her there (McGuire, p. 233). Not only was this horrific injustice because Rosa was a Black ...

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...he above cases were so vital to the Civil Rights movement, they were a rallying cry of outrage that could manipulated to the movements interest. This made the movement look like more than just a cry for better wages and the stopping of violence, this made the movement have a human face and involved feminists from around the country some of which were prominent white women together in a common goal for the betterment of women in the Nation. These cases legitimized the movement but what’s more important to the story is that these were the cases that started to break down the Jim Crow Laws of the South, all because of negative media traction focused on them during these cases.The women like Joan Little, Betty Owens and Rosa Lee Coates did not have what happened to them in vain, out of that negativity grew a flower of hope in the South that was seen throughout the nation.

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