The Civil Rights Movement : Dr. Martin Luther King And John Lewis, Fought For Blacks

The Civil Rights Movement : Dr. Martin Luther King And John Lewis, Fought For Blacks

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Although president Abraham Lincoln issued the emancipation proclamation in 1862 that gave an end for slavery, white people persisted in oppressing and segregating black people. Life was segregated between blacks and whites: Black people had separate schools, restaurants, theaters, and even transportations. As the oppression increased, some black people started to refuse such harassment. Thus, many movements and marches were launched to bring equality for blacks (Patterson).
Many black leaders, like Dr. Martin Luther King and John Lewis, fought for Blacks’ rights by leading demonstrations and marches. Lewis wrote a graphic and biographical novel that presents his significant participations in the civil rights movement. He is one of the most effective leaders in the Blacks’ history.
Besides Dr. King, Lewis chose the nonviolent path to defend Blacks rights; he was a chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC).
However, not all black leaders had the same perspective on defending their rights. While Dr. King and Lewis chose to protest, demonstrate, and march nonviolently, other leaders, like Malcolm X, promoted black people to violently defend themselves in return.
From the beginning of his early life, Malcolm X was subjected to racism and oppression. Malcolm was born as “Malcolm Little” on May 19, 1925, in Omaha, Nebraska. His father, Earl Little, was killed by the KKK because of his civil rights activism as a member of the Universal Negro Improvement Association. His mother also was reported insane in 1937, so he and his siblings were separated.
Malcolm was sent to a school in Michigan, where he exposed to racial comments. When his teacher asked him what he wanted to be in the future, he answered that he wan...

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... York was fired. In Feb. 21, 1965, Malcolm X was reported dead after he was shot by an assassin black Muslim (Biography). 39 years old, Malcolm ended his life achieving his goal.
Malcolm’s assassination was an assassination for the freedom of disagreement. For great people, Life does not end with death; Malcolm’s ideas and philosophies did not vanish with his passing. Despite his violence trend, Malcolm left the black people proud of their identities and encouraged them toward education and freedom; he changed them from negroes to Afro-Americans. Both Dr. King and X gave their lives trying to free, unite, and educate blacks; therefore, blacks should not ignore such sacrifices and give up their rights. They should hold X and King’s values and direct toward education because, as Malcolm put it, “without education you are not going anywhere in the world” (“Malcolm X”).

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