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City Planning As A Movement Essay

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According to Park Dixon Goist (1977). “city Planning emerged as a movement and then a profession in the late nineteenth century and the early twentieth century“ which was formed by a number of related interests such as included landscape architects, architects, progressive politics, housing reform, the city beautiful movement, the Garden city or the new towns idea, regionalism and zoning. (Goist, 1977, page 121). The idea of city planning therefore emerged at the time when the industrial revolution was at its peak and people were flocking from the villages into cities for better jobs and pay. This was the time when the Chicago Exposition had just hit the exhibition forum and the Garden City concept by Ebenezer Howard and others were in competition. In the United States for instance there was an influx of migrant workers and immigrants to the cities and therefore housing, was in high demand as well as public services. Jane Adams was inclined to establish the Hull house and Robinson to the advantage to write and publicize keeping city beautiful through civic art and proper planning. (Agyekum, Class notes, Spring Semester 2015)
Robinson was one of the pioneers in the emergence of city planning profession in the early twentieth century. Robinson quickly rose to become the foreign emissary for planning reports. In 1901 the publication of Robinson’s The Improvement of Towns and Cities; or the Practical basics of Civic Aesthetics which sold out on its first Printing. The book was so popular and gained tremendous amount of readers which made it the first of many reprinting or revision by the end of 1901(Wilson,1989, p. 45).
Goist, stated that between 1903 and 1911 Robinson continued to write books, served as a secretary to the American P...

... middle of paper ... new standards of beauty and dignity for Towns. ” The science of modern city-making is being formerly laid down as principles are discovered and rules enunciated. For the time ideal that spurs to useful endeavor must be that which is based on study and facts”. (Robinson, 1903, p. 4)
According to Robinson (1903), the City Beautiful Movement was inclined in beatifying the city by also providing adequate lighting for “the dark streets through which the pedestrian formerly made at night an uncertain way with his individual lantern now glow at midnight as at noon”. The refuse that were thrown out from upper windows into the streets in the cities that they are all proud of have now been channeled through underground streams which are unknown to many. The cobblestones or the uneven streets have been transformed into smooth hard surfaces. (Robinson, 1903, p. 5)

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