The City Or Hometown : A Small Community Essay

The City Or Hometown : A Small Community Essay

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It is always fascinating meeting new people and getting to know them and their background. Taking time to find out simple information like, where they are from and what it is like living there or what it was like growing up there. We all come from different places and grew up using many different types of resources to get us to where we are today. That specific city or hometown is significant in many ways whether we realize it or not, and contributed to our basic needs by providing certain resources.
I grew up in a small community called Woodlawn which is located in Baltimore County, Maryland. I’ve been living in this area ever since I was born. I attended local schools within the area, and very familiar with my surroundings. Most places in the area are in walking distance but of course you would get their faster by transportation. Woodlawn also borders other areas like Catonsville and Randallstown.
Woodlawn doesn’t have much history behind it since it is a small community, but it is known for being the headquarters of Social Security since 1960. According to Social Security History, there are currently more than 6,300 employees at its Woodlawn headquarters complex. There is a total of 11,500 in the Baltimore/Woodlawn area and 12,000 in the state. Social Security is the the third largest non-state or local government employer in Maryland. (Social Security).

According to, the population in Woodlawn in the 2010 census was 37,879. Also, the top three races in population are African American, Caucasian and Asian. There’s about a 47% of males and the other 53% are females. The city’s population is 29.2% college educated and 88.5% have a high school diploma or GED. 87.8% of people in Woodlawn were born U.S. c...

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...y and what meets the grandson’s social needs as to whether he is comfortable in that environment or not.
There are numerous grocery stores in the area as well as dollar stores where Mrs. Tau can go by food for a low price and save extra money. With everything that the schools provide, she would only have to worry about providing snacks and dinner for the kids and herself. This family will be able to maintain stability by relying on their human resources. Mrs.Tau has the skills to know how to manage her money and take care of her grandchildren the best way she knows how to. The grandchildren already posses the skills of knowing how to adapt to this situation, being as though their mother is away temporarily and they have been staying with Mrs. Tau. They have already been exposed to this lifestyle so they will just have to adapt and adjust within the new community.

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