Essay on The Circulatory System And The Lymphatic System

Essay on The Circulatory System And The Lymphatic System

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The Circulatory System
The circulatory system works as the body’s transportation network, tirelessly sending nourishment and protection to all vital parts. According to Merriam-Webster, the circulatory system is “the system of blood, blood vessels, lymphatics, and heart concerned with the circulation of the blood and lymph.” While many may already be familiar with the circulatory systems’ role in the transport of oxygen, it does much more. In reality, the circulatory system is built of two subsystems: the lymphatic system and the cardiovascular system. The cardiovascular system and the lymphatic system work in tandem to make sure the body is free from attacking microorganisms and receives oxygen, respectively. However, due to the circulatory playing such a crucial role in the way the body operates, issues are bound to arise, and it is imperative for one to know precisely how to prevent such complications from arising.

The cardiovascular system is the most commonly known part of the circulatory system and works to pump vital nutrients (specifically oxygen) throughout the body. The entirety of the cardiovascular system would not be possible without the heart, which endlessly pumps blood. The heart is a fist sized organ that weighs about 300 grams, and is made of four parts: two upper chambers that receive blood and two lower chambers called ventricles that pumps the blood out. This system is further divided by two complimentary chambers (one ventricle and one upper), located on the left and right of the heart, performing different tasks. The right receives blood deficient in oxygen and high in CO2 from the vena cava (large veins containing deoxygenated blood), and pumps this blood through the pulmonary artery to the lungs to restor...

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...t birth or at a higher risk of developing a disease. Make sure to schedule regular checkups with your doctor and see them if anything feels wrong. Some things you can’t control, but there are many ways to lower risk of developing any sort of problems.
The Circulatory system is extremely complex, hard-working, and absolutely vital to our lives. It works non-stop to nourish our body with the necessary oxygen we need to live and perform everyday tasks, as well as provide us with a way of defense against pathogenic microorganisms. It is essential that we take necessary steps to prevent damage to it, and to keep it working at its full capability. Without this piece to our bodies puzzle we cannot survive. This circulatory system is an absolute marvel and shows off Gods creative brilliance and efficiency through His complex work, ensuring we are well nourished and defended.

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