Essay about The Circuits of Humanity

Essay about The Circuits of Humanity

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Humanity has come a long way in terms of technology and shows no sign of halting the advancement anytime soon. Society now has phones with the same functions as computers and cars that can run on electricity. However, developing artificial intelligence with a human thought process has become a real ethical issue as technology grows. People argue that developing such intelligence would benefit society as it would be able to handle jobs where it is impossible for the human body to take and handle mundane tasks so humans can relax. In the end, it is still not ethical to produce a human thought process due to the gray area of human rights, the desire to be a citizen of society, and a potential danger to humanity.
People that argue for the development of human-like intelligence in machines say that artificial intelligence needs human intelligence to handle the current jobs of humans. In his article, “Human-Level Artificial Intelligence? Be Serious!” Nilsson states, “Machines exhibiting true human-level intelligence should be able to do many of the things humans are able to do. Among these activities are the tasks or ‘jobs’ at which people are employed.” He wants to point out artificial intelligence can be taught to handle the jobs of human and benefit society as a whole. Artificial intelligence will become sensible beings that are able to make decisions for themselves and be free from programming limits. These freedoms will allow machines with human intelligence to work and think. Machines with human intelligence will allow room for improvement without the need of human insight.
When machines obtain the ability to think like a human, they will obtain the ability to learn and question. These two abilities will make these machines desir...

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...uffer at the hands of being limited and controlled. Humanity also does not need anymore people to be in society as the planet is full enough. There is also the danger of a rebellion made by the machines for their own freedom.

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