Circle of Conflict and the Triangle of Satisfaction Models Essay

Circle of Conflict and the Triangle of Satisfaction Models Essay

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Circle of Conflict and the Triangle of Satisfaction Models
This paper will discuss two different conflict models and how they may be used to diagnose a particular conflict. Each model will be described in a way, which better helps understand the conflict. Potential confidentiality issues within the conflict will be described as well. Both the Circle of Conflict and the Triangle of Satisfaction Models are both effective tools at assisting a practitioner at diagnosing and resolving conflict.
Circle of Conflict model
The Circle of Conflict model is the simplest method of figuring out the root cause of a conflict. The circle implements five possible drivers of conflict that are values, relationships, externals/moods, structure, and data. Each of these drivers contains some of the most common cause of conflicts. This makes the Circle of Conflict model an efficient reference tool.
The specific values that were identified within the conflict were based around work ethics. The lead staff member Carolyn believed that the staff member Nick undermined her. Carolyn believed she was undermined because of her work ethics she up-held within the workplace. Carolyn would make sure she follows the code of ethics according to her job as opposed to Nick where he wants to be liked by clients so he would not follow the ethic guidelines from work nor did he follow the advise of the clients therapist. Carolyn had worked with Nick before. She felt that Nick would ask her to be the lead-on and then, as the shift progresses on he will then undermined her decisions and take his own lead without discussing his decisions with her or his other co-works.
Before the shift had started Nick had been the type of perso...

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...Conflict and the Triangle of Satisfaction Models are effective tools at assisting a practitioner at diagnosing and resolving conflict. They allow the practitioner to be able to break down the drivers and interests to understand and explain the conflict. They are essential in the conflict resolution process.

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