Christmas - Original Writing Of The Mall Essay

Christmas - Original Writing Of The Mall Essay

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Ah, Christmas the time of giving and caring. Christmas decorations of green and red twinkling lights are strung throughout the houses of the neighborhoods, carolers sing cheery tunes from the tops of their lungs in the streets, and gifts big and small are wrapped to the best of Neopets ability sitting readily under a large ornamented evergreen Christmas tree. Everyone loves Christmas for it’s a time of running to the stores for presents and spreading smiles. Everyone adores Christmas that is except for this one unspirited Skeith and that brings us to our story.
Morty despised the month of Giving since he could remember. He thought Christmas was a waste of hard earned Neopoints and full of foolish activities. He couldn’t stand seeing the array of houses that were strewn with wreaths on the doors, blown up Santa figurines in the lawns, and obnoxious lights hung on the houses on his way to the mall where he worked. At this time of year most of all, he hated working in the mall. The mall was over-crowded with overall happy older Neopets and their crazily frenzied children. Morty pushed open the door to the mall and exhaled the cool air he had been inhaling on his walk to his job. Signs of holiday sales were plastered on the windows of the shops. A red velvet chair sat behind an oversized toy train some of the kids were riding in. He slowly walked to the back of the store dressing room and got changed into his felt red and white faux fur-lined Santa suit and put on his Santa hat. Morty loathed every minute he spent in that uncomfortable tight itchy suit and had only agreed to it because his boss Andrea was paying him double. After changing, he exited the dressing room where he ran into Andrea.
“Morty I just love that outfit ...

... middle of paper ...

...ce at all, those children waited hours to see you and you couldn’t take a few seconds just to sit and talk with them where is your holiday spirit?” She scolded him
“I have none Christmas is a lie Santa isn’t real” He shot back from the kitchen
“And what’s it any of your business” He added sipping his steaming hot Borovan
She furrowed her eyebrows at his attitude toward her. He looked at the clock in his Neohome it was seven o clock. His work shift was in two hours. He grabbed bread out of the dusty old cupboard and popped it into the toaster.
“It’s all my business, I was sent here to teach you a lesson in kindness and I can’t leave until you start showing some” She informed him
The toast was ready he took it out of the toaster and went to the refrigerator for some butter. He spread the butter onto the crispy brown toast. He sat at the dining room table nibbling it.

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