Christmas : A Christmas Tree Essay

Christmas : A Christmas Tree Essay

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Christmas is a wonderful time of year filled with decorations, cookies, Christmas lights and a huge Christmas tree. As I was growing up the Christmas tree was the biggest thing to have in our family. It was the very first thing we would beg to be put up so we could decorate it however we wanted it. We had a nine foot tall Christmas tree that would sit right as you walked in to our living room. My brothers and I was always so excited to have it brought up the steps and set up to where we could decorate it and put the angel on the very tip top of the tree. Christmas is always a big deal for our whole entire family, it’s the biggest time of the year. Everyone in my family would always get together no matter what the conditions are.
December was our favorite month out of the whole year growing up. As soon as the first day came around we were already begging for the tree to be brought up the steps and put up. My mom was always annoyed putting up the Christmas tree because of how big it was and how long it would take setting it up. Also, having cats didn’t help when she was putting it up they would begin to climb up the limbs making it a hassle to put it up quickly. Our tree wasn’t real it was a fake one, so it was stored down stairs under the steps along with all the other Christmas decorations. We would start by bringing up all the lights and ribbon for the tree. My brothers and I would carry box after box up the stairs while my mom would carry sections of the tree up the stairs right behind us. This tree had probably over 20 different sections to it making it a complicated tree to put up. We all were able to help put different sections of the tree up and get the tree up two-times faster each year as we got older
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...s to be put in back out of the closet. We would then begin removing all the decorations and carefully put them all back in the boxes while my mom removed the ribbons and all the lights along with the angel sitting on top of the tree. After removing the decorations we would take all the boxes down the steps and put them right back under the stairs and continue to help mom break down the tree. My mom always loved taking the tree down after having it up so long and fighting the animals over it. The tree was so big it would take at least about two to three hours to get it completely put up. We set all the pieces in order down under the stairs to make it easier to put up the next year coming up. Everything had to be put up neatly or nothing would have ever fit under the stairs. Our mom would then cover the tree with a carp so it wouldn’t build up dust through the year.

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