Essay on Christians ' Views On The Message, And What Church Can Look Like Today

Essay on Christians ' Views On The Message, And What Church Can Look Like Today

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Christians can reach out to the unchruched in their manner, motive, the message, and what church can look like today. This section will look at all four of these items and how we can reach people today that have the thoughts that objective knowledge is an illusion and claims to absolute is away of manipulating people.
When talking with people being candid and straightforward will let them know that you have no hidden agenda. People will know who you are and what you are talking to them about without feeling that they are ambushed by a Christian who only wants to share their faith. If they are not willing to speak with you then you know up front and you can respect how they feel. There is no manipulation or hidden agenda. A story was told of how two friends were out to share their faith one would start a conversation on anything and then move on to why they wanted to speak with them. This to a postmodernist person appears to them that they are being manipulated. The other person would start the conversation straightforward by telling the person this is what they wanted to talk with them about. The one friend that was straightforward had some that refused to speak with them but others wanted to here what he had to say and listened to them. Candid conversation opens doors but also close some, but know one could accuse him of being sneaky or manipulative.
What is the motive behind what you are doing is something that each Christian needs to do before they attempt to talk with someone who is unchurched. Sadly Christians many times want to be the best at witnessing instead of doing what God wants them to do in sharing their faith. Christians need to examine their hearts to make sure that their motives are pur...

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... Christians are doing it wrong there are many Christians doing it right. The belief of this author is that we are all one body and everyone is not called to do the same thing. The Missional Church maybe called to evangelize in their way and another church is called to evangelize in there way. The heart of this paper is to make us aware that as a body we do need to do better in reaching the unchurched were we are. We need to think about what it means to be a Christian and how we are presenting ourselves to the world. Jesus walked this earth with such love that it attracted people to Him. He loved the unlovely.
The research in this paper discussed the impact that postmodernism has on Christianity and what Christians need to do to impact postmodernism. Discussed was what can Christians do to impact the unchurched in postmodern society.

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