Christianity : The Most Influential Religions Essay

Christianity : The Most Influential Religions Essay

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Christianity is one of the most influential religions in history. Many believe that Jesus of Nazareth founded Christianity. Jesus affected those who knew of him; whether it was a good or bad impact, their lives changed. Scholars believe that Jesus was born around six to four B.C. (before Christ)( WIK) in Bethlehem to Mary and Joseph; Jesus’ birth story can be found in the Gospels for further understanding. Furthermore, at a young age, Jesus sought to be at church to learn more about God. Although His works are more prevalent in his thirties, it is believed that Jesus began performing works during his unknown life period (ages 12-30) (John 21:25). Many consider Jesus to the founder of Christianity because he focused on sharing the Gospel of God to those around him. However, another individual had a strong part in the early Christian movement. Paul, formerly known as Saul, was a Pharisee who prosecuted Christians. The High priest entrusted Saul with the mission to travel to Damascus to arrest those who were members of the Church of Jerusalem. On his road to Damascus, Saul encountered a vision of Jesus in which he went from a prosecutor to a believer; from Saul to Paul (Acts 9: 1-18). This paper will focus on noting the differences between the Gospel of Jesus and Paul, and their opposing views of the Kingdom of God. Overall, it will serve the purpose to bring light that Paul was the founder of Christianity of today.
Before digressing to talk about the Gospel of Jesus and Paul, let us focus on the meaning behind gospel. The word gospel means good news. Thus, Jesus and Paul are both preaching about the good news to Jews and Gentiles, respectively. Jesus’ gospel was about giving the good news of His coming, in which the sins ...

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...ul this goes back to Christ’s crucifixion: His death meant the world’s salvation.
All together, Jesus and Paul both preached about God. They both preached about His goodness, about His son and about His new beginning. Jesus preached about earthly salvation, while Paul preached about heavenly salvation. Jesus focused on preaching His gospel through His works while he was alive, whereas Paul taught about Christ’s death, resurrection, and salvation. Although their gospel appeared different, their purpose was the same: to bring light to the Word of God. Although Jesus and Paul never met, both were important individuals in the Ministry of Christianity. However, today’s focus is on Pauline Christianity. Paul’s role on defining Christianity was important because he fulfilled God’s new plan on his nations and he saw the death of Christ as a sacrifice and a new beginning.

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