Christianity, Sex and Love

Christianity, Sex and Love

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Prudence is defined as the practical common sense.
Temperance is having self-control. Knowing when to stop your self from having a limit.
Teetotalism is also temperance (?) Restraining from drinking alcohol.

Chastity would be the innocence or purity of moral sexuality. Still being a ‘virgin’. Analytically defined as a practice of restraining from sexual intercourse. Modesty would mean being true to oneself with self-conscience or simply defined as being relatively moderate or intends to avoid impropriety. The rules of modesty matters depending on different situations while Chastity would be always the same for the Christians. In the definition of chastity for the Christians is, “Either marriage, with complete faithfulness to your partner, or else total abstinence.” Chastity and the social rule of modesty are not to be confused.

The Christians rule of chastity must not be confused with the social rule of modesty. It is either marrying someone, being faithful and loyal to your partner or else total abstinence. The purpose of sex is to reproduce God’s children.

The purpose of sex is to make children as the purpose of eating is to repair the body. The analogy of the strip-tease act on women or girls undressing on stage is compared to a plate with a bit of bacon. If this display were found popular in a certain country it would probably mean the people in that country is starving, The result to this act is not sexual corruption but sexual starvation.

The human race, modern people have two thoughts about “Sex is nothing to be ashamed of”. One though is that it is the natural way to reproduce and create a living baby. The other is the fact that it gives pleasure. According CSL, Christians also think the same. It is one of the religions that takes in and accepts the beauty of our body. Not being ashamed of sex would actually mean the “state into which the sexual instinct has now got nothing to be ashamed of”. It’s like enjoying sex and not being ashamed of it like enjoying eating and not being ashamed of it. Although saying that ‘sex is nothing to be ashamed of; the state into which the sexual instinct has now got is nothing to be ashamed of.’ This statement makes everything wrong. CSL thought it to be ashamed of in every way. With the analogy of food, it would be wrong and is to be ashamed of IF the world made food their main interest in life and spent their lives looking at photos of food and smacking their lips.

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Yes, I do agree with him. Every word of that statement is true especially now than it was in his days. People want to keep us inflamed to our sex instinct because with the sexual desire of human, they can earn money with it for a man with obsession is a man who has very little sales resistance. Today, there are more prostitutes (also gay, lesbian) than ever. This is a perfect example of people keeping their sexual instinct strong to keep business on. These people don’t just do it for love or passion but because of their sexual desire and money.

Well first of all, theses desires are being tempted by the devil, Satan. In the secular world, sex is normal. All human desires it for both pleasure and other reasons. Sex itself is acknowledged as being apart from the excesses and obsessions that have grown round it. The message seems clear that it is normal and healthy. At least that is how ‘we’ want to think it. It gives a message through media.

First reason. Temptation by Satan
Second reason. Chastity is impossible
Third reason. Misunderstanding of the teachings

Christians do not regard unchastity as the supreme vice. Chastity is not the center of Christian morality.

It is something that human desires but it is wrong. It depersonalizes. Problem because our body is a holy temple and must be viewed as something precious.

Man and woman being combined are viewed as a fact and not a sentiment. They are like a lock and a key, or violin and a bow. Before marriage, as CSL mentioned justice, a promise is kept. A vow or an oath of sticking to that partner until death. Another reason would be that it is treacherous. They wanted the respectability that is attached to marriage without intending to pay the price. That would be dishonest and it would feel cheating. The fact that ‘being in love’ is mainly the reason of marriage. If “love” was true, it would concur in any circumstances.

Well first of all, divorce is wrong. In Christianity, it is like “cutting up a living body”. Christian morals, religion should be separated with the laws. Laws shouldn’t involve religion into because not everyone is Christian. For politics, Christians should not feel compelled to force Christian codes of marriage on non-Christians. CSL mentions that there ought to be two distinct marriages. One governed by state with rules and the other governed by the church.

Because there are two people and there can’t be a majority. So there should be someone to be able to make the final call. Either that or they will encounter irreconcilable difficulties, even divorce.

Having the man as the head allows him to be a buffer between the family and the world. “Foreign Relations” type interaction.

The government should base it on the society’s benefits. If one does not love another or both have difficult relationship, the divorce action must be taken. If not, further problems may occur like affairs.

Most of the people today, do not believe in pre-marital sex. They believe it is okay. CSL may be seen as old-fashioned but he is still right.

Today, the world is modernized by having no shame or feelings about seeing a half naked woman on an advertising poster. These media made an impact to the society that it is okay to reveal or to be sexy and also that sexy is the new icon. The influence is somewhat negative because moral sexuality is given in another use. These advertisements and medias have made other people (those who are against) to protest on those messages especially the feminists, who believe it is not okay for women to use their body in a non-moral sexual way.

It is really important to distinguish our emotions and feelings from making a decision for ‘being in love’ is temporary unlike love it is constant. You are in love with your boyfriend but you aren’t in love with your parents. No matter how many times you fight or argue, you will always love your parents and they will always love you back. However, one small argument with your boyfriend can end your relationship with him.

Yes I agree with CSL that man should have the final word in the family. First of all, men are seen as the stronger being and more independent. They can protect the family including strength. Although men are the leaders, they should value their women’s opinion as priority. For instance, they are king and the women will be the councils.

It is possible to love the sinner but hate the sin but it would be difficult as much it depends on what sin. CSL gives an example of himself as that one man who it is possible to love but not his actions. It is possible as he hates his cowardice or the greed but he went on loving himself.

The point of punishment is to be responsible for one’s action, to reform and to deter. When a man murders another man, the murderer must be sentenced or must be punished at least that is what the Christians’ think. Although it goes against the moral law, it is right to punish to fix the wrong.

As an example of killing a man, the capital punishment would be being sentencing the criminal to death. Just like in wars, the enemies kill each other then they both die, which results to being even for both sides. I agree with CSL’s justification of punishment comparing it to a war however, I do not agree that people should be punished to death if he murdered. Lets say man A killed man B, so man A was sentenced to death by the law. Wouldn’t that make the legislative murderers as well? All life is sacred and the reason why they are being punished is they have taken a life then capital punishment would be just ironic.
The purpose of punishments is to reform and deter but if that criminal is dead, he won’t have the chance to do so.
As CSL justifies war, he implies how war would not exist if everyone just forgave each other. Having wars does not solve conflicts completely, it just leads to future conflicts because of reasons like revenge.

I might think right now that I can forgive most things but I believe when it comes to the real situation, I would not be able to. One situation that would be hard to ever forgive would be betrayal or seeing the one you love get hurt. If your friends or family betrays you for a stupid or small reason, it would make you angry and not want to forgive them. If the reason to the betrayal was something very important, it might be forgiven. Personally, I do not think I can forgive the person who I know if he/she murders one of the people I love.

Charity means love in Christian sense. Charity literally means “giving money to the poor”

They are cold by temperament. People think Christian charity is cold because it is done only by force or commandment. Force us to like or “act” liking our neighbors, which seems plastic or fake. The actual reason to liking or forcing himself to like their neighbors is because it starts effort into truly loving them.


Yes. Hope is not a form of escapism. Christian should hope for heaven but shouldn’t leave the present world as it is.

The first sense that Christians use the word “Faith” is Belief or accepting or regarding as true the doctrines of Christianity. The other sense would be the higher sense. Sticking to it.

Because of the temptations in our lives.

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