Essay on Christian Education Vs. Public

Essay on Christian Education Vs. Public

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Christian Education vs. Public
Christian education is currently in the minority compared to public, when in the past that 's not how it was at all. In the past christian education was the education and it was taught in every classroom. The Bible was well known by everyone and if it wasn 't it was strange. Overall christian education is better than public because God 's word is taught, safety is way more assured, and the academic achievement is way higher.
The Bible is vital for our generation today. So many people think it;s a thing of the past when it 's more useful and current than ever. Children raised without biblical principles have no reason to act right once you think about it and get to the root of it. Violence is raising and chaos is stirring up, and children need a standard of right and wrong to go off of. People seem to make-up their own morals and values of what they think is right and wrong; that obviously is not working out for our society. God 's word works. It keeps things in order, it gives you peace, it protects you, and ultimately makes you happy. The classroom...

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