Chinese And Japanese Issues Of Japan Essay

Chinese And Japanese Issues Of Japan Essay

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Chinese and Japanese issues when the then Prime Minister of Japan purchased three of the five islands (Smith, 2013); and reignited anti- Japanese sentiments amongst the Chinese. The US (once again inserts itself) has been walking a fine line- trying to make clear what the American role is, while reducing the tensions in the area- as the US wants to ensure that there is no coercive action taken by the Chinese (Smith, 2013). In 2012, both Hillary Clinton and former Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta- stated that the US would protect Japan against any aggressive action- and passed the National Defense Authorization Act, this action, is a US alignment with Japan’s defense. This small stance ensures that Japan and America maintain allyship , while China rises, this does put a snag in the growth and possibilities of China.
Prior to this action, America had not taken sides since the Second World War, at which time it aligned itself with Chinese after Pearl Harbor; as a result of this change in attitude the US government has increased its deployments around Japan (Smith, 2013). The threat has escalated and Smith notes that “either party could take military action to assert sovereignty over the disputed islands (Smith, 2013).” And in that time both countries have taken the initiative to disrupt the subtle balance- through the introduction of military forced in the vicinity of the islands, the use of economic sanctions- China’s informal embargo on rare-earth exports and the decrease of Japanese investments, nationalism activism- both governments have been working to incite nationalism within their countries- asking their people to mobilize around the islands (Smith, 2013). As noted before, China’s rise may be stalled, if it decides to con...

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...nvestment out of China in search of another Asia- Pacific country that would be able to support low wage jobs and allow them to maintain dominance. This is also, further coupled by the complicated investment that the US has in its own relationship with both countries; Japan currently in backed the US government in terms of a military defense, in regards to the East China Sea. The East China Sea has sparked a bit of rivalry between the nations, over the property, which is home to oil. It has been noted throughout the paper that much of the success of China’s rise will be dependent on whether it can get in alignment with the nations of their own backyard- starting with their biggest competitor Japan; Japan must also, work to work with Japan, because no matter the outcome China has changed the waters of East Asia- through their growing military, and economic dominance.

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