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Japanese Living Lifestyle and Cultures
Japan is an archipelago, an island nation in the Pacific Ocean. Japan is separated from the east coast of Asia by the Sea of Japan. Japan consists of over 6,800 islands and suffers 1,500 earthquakes every year. Most of Japan’s islands are also mountains, and most mountains are volcanoes. Japan has about 200 volcanoes, 60 of which are still active (Somervill, 2012). Japan covers a total area of 145,882 square miles, making it about the size of the state of Montana. The four main islands are Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu.
Japan has a large population in relation to its land mass. Japan is a cultural society. They live their life with key factors in mind. One factor happens to be religion. …show more content…

New Year’s Day (Oshogatsu) is the most important traditionally celebrated holiday. It is a time for ritual reaffirmations of social obligations. On December 31, at midnight, millions of people visit Shinto shrines or Buddhist temples to pray for their families. Much like Americans, one special activity includes lots of hearty eating and drinking along with fellowship and cheer.
Bon or Buddhist All Souls’ Festival, is the Japanese time of the year, according to Buddhist belief, the spirits of the dead return home to visit (Sosnoski, 1996). It takes place in either July or August. During the Bon ceremony, family members return to their parental homes to honor the spirts of the dead. Despite the different cultures, ancestor worship is an important mechanism through which the living feel that they are spiritually connected to the deceased family member.
Hanami, the Cherry Blossom viewing, which is also celebrated in the United States. The transition from winter to spring is celebrated annually in rituals ranging from Easter parades in the West to cherry-blossom viewing in parts of the East. For almost 2,000 years, the Japanese rite has been to celebrate the brief appearance of their favorite flower, the sakura (Sosnoski, 1996). The cherry blossom trees that are in the United States were a gift from Tokyo in 1912. They can be found in Washington, D.C. and reach their peak in early

In this essay, the author

  • Compares japan's culture to the united states, stating that religion is based deeply within nature, while buddhism is focused on meditation and study.
  • Opines that for women in japan, single life has appeal; delaying of marriage smashes stereotype.
  • Explains that japan is an island nation in the pacific ocean, separated from the east coast of asia by the sea of japan.
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