Essay about China’s Economic and Political Power

Essay about China’s Economic and Political Power

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During the 20th century, the world believed that the renowned cities of the United States would provide modern spectacles emanating with futuristic qualities. However, within the past decade, the influence of China has creeped into the party of global dominance, establishing their footing on an international scale at a significantly alarming rate. In China, you can now experience the tallest skyscrapers, the newest airports, the fastest highways, and the best electricity grids in modern technology (Roasa). China’s evolution of success on the global scale is implemented by their supremacy in the economy through the labor of their workforce, which ultimately instills political power available at their fingertips. With this underlying superiority, the impact of China’s influence of economic power can affect international political and societal aspects, as they establish their economic empire in roots all over the world.
Presently, around the world people from various countries have become unmoved by the sight of “Made in China” on nearly every product label they purchase. In fact, the label has become such an integral element to society, that we essentially overlook the portent of China’s economic growth on a global scale. In actualization, China is expeditiously evolving into one of the most influential countries in the world, and they have no plan on discontinuing that approach. Remarkably, China has unfolded their superiority within a time frame of 35 years, and China’s cutting-edge economic aggrandizement was initiated by a renown Chinese reformist named Deng Xiaoping.
Before the reign of Deng Xiaoping that led to the emergence of China’s economic triumphancy, China’s economy was based on communist principles that naturally hi...

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