China 's Political Structure Of China Essay

China 's Political Structure Of China Essay

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For as long as history can remember, China has always run its country in a way that was a little different than everywhere else. Since the days of the dynasties, the country has put significant emphasis on being able to sustain itself, thus rejecting the need for international relations. Due to this, until recently, there has not been much Western influence present. This is especially true in terms of China’s political ideals, always being an authoritarian-dominated country, straying far away from the notion of democracy. The people that grow up, live, and work there know no other way of thinking and carrying out their daily lives. The authoritarian structure of their government influences the management style adopted by the majority of China’s corporate leaders, impacting how businesses are run and employees are treated. The same relationship can be seen in the West between the democratic political structures and the comparable management styles in corporate businesses.
China was controlled under the reign of emperors for thousands of years before being established as the People’s Republic of China in 1949. At this point is when the political structure was shifted, establishing China as a communist country. The Communist Party of China was introduced by Mao Zedong who later went on to rule for the next couple of decades. Under his power, Mao emphasized the quick acceleration of his country in terms of both physical advancement and economical development (powerpoint). His leadership style mimicked those of Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, and Joseph Stalin, proving to be driven economically, politically, and intellectually ( In order to further his schedule, Mao depended on loyalty from those around him. He was not a man...

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...ty would be to supply to one customer. This limits to potential growth for entrepreneurial initiatives, which is actually an intentional of the government. Entrepreneurship encourages creativity which can be seen as a threat; an idea or plan that the government cannot control. Other than control, the state is also interested in businesses because of its potential to make money. The majority of Chinese businesses are state-owned, meaning the government is entitled to profit before any of the workers. Although difficult to own and operate a private company, it can be done and profits are usually ten percent more than what state-owned companies earn. To surpass the government’s rigorous attempts to overthrow new entrepreneurial or private businesses, the leaders of these companies must be flexible, passionate, and relentless competitors in order to remain in existence.

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