Similarities Between Ancient Greek Democracy And Modern Republic

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Go through the history, it’s not hard to find out the political systems in ancient Greece and Rome is

democracy and republic. Parallel Comparing the modern democracy to ancient Greek democracy

and modern republic to Roman republic, although they are almost different in the level of

superficial, digging the root, the modern democracy and republic are derivate from ancient one.

This article will briefly discuss the original in modern democracy form the ancient Greek democracy

in two aspects: 1. Established citizen and legal right between citizen and non-citizen. 2. The

system of democracy and the supervise of the democracy; and in republic compared with ancient

Roman in the aspects of motivation of the separation of powers and
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In most modern democracy countries, each normal citizens has the right

to vote or be elected. To achieved the leadership by elite citizens, the modern political system also

the same, for British parliament, the upper house monopolised by nobles, each senator must be

the nobles and lifelong tenure if they want to. And lower house’s senators are elected from the

common people. The modern democracy country also has open investigation and punishment of

corruption and equal protection under the law for citizens regardless of wealth via legal and judicial

power, and also media supervise. And the function to prevent autocracy is the separation of

powers, such as the tripartite political systems in the USA, and french semi-president systems.

The motivation and the system of republic- established the separation of powers: The motivation of

the Republic ideology in Rome Republic is the Roman aristocrats believed that a sole ruler and his

family would inevitably become tyrannical and misuse their rule. And romans struggled for nearly

250 years to shape a stable government for the republic. The consuls- two were elected each year,

to commanding the army. To gain the consulship, a man traditionally had to win elections all
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established the supreme court, to settle disputes about conflicting laws or controversial cases.

The modern political ideas in the concept of ‘Citizen’ and legal right of citizens are derived from

the ancient Greece, all have the laws for citizens to protect their rights and also have the limits to

limited non-citizens rights, the laws such as immigration laws. The modern concepts in system of

democracy and supervise also derived from the ancient Greek one, they all obey the principle of

the participation by as many citizens as possible, they also use the measurement of vote, lottery

and election, etc. In some modern country the part of leadership also selected among the elites,

such as Britain parliament; the modern supervise of the democracy use the laws, separation of

powers instead of the ancient one-ostracism. And the last one, modern political system also

absorbed the separation of powers from the ancient republic Rome, to prevent the ruler
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