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Children Of The Flames was written by Lucette Matalon Lagnado, a book that had taken her over six years to write. She got the idea of finding Mengele’s twins, as they were called, after a discussion with a now-ex Parade magazine editor Larry Smith. For her research, she had to use a wide expanse of resources, which include David Marwell, the chief historian and the U.S. Department’s Office for Special Investigations and the editors of Bunte and Stern magazines for original documents written by Dr. Mengele.
The book begins with Beppo Mengele as a child in Günzburg, Germany, with quotes from his later “children” of the death camps. These added quotes relate to what is happening in Mengele’s own life and enhance the story. It was said “there is nothing in Josef Mengele’s early life that would have prepared him for the notoriety that was destined to engulf him” (Lagnato 31). A majority of the book is placed at Auschwitz, but the setting later moves to South America as Dr. Mengele flees Europe and his war crimes. Explained in the book, Josef Mengele had gotten swept up in the Nazi move...

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