Children Need Their Biological Father Essays

Children Need Their Biological Father Essays

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The debate that will be discussed in this paper concerns the purpose of fathers in today’s society, specifically whether fathers are an important part of a family or if the mere presence of another figure is what matters. As more and more women are earning college degrees and becoming the primary breadwinners for their household, men’s roles have somewhat slid into the background and have been obfuscated. There are many perspectives on this issue that explore different ideas including whether children need their biological father, if single motherhood provides enough resources for children to thrive, and the effects of having diverse family forms. A few debaters have taken the issue and almost used it as a platform for their own beliefs resulting in some arguments blurring the line that divides this debate but both sides will be explored in this paper.
The argument for fathers and the need of a man in the family was supported through various arguments including references to statistics that demonstrate positive effects of having a father in the home. Bradford Wilcox states that while children can turn out fine without fathers like he did, they are more likely to thrive if they have a father’s “time, attention, discipline and especially affection.” He cited research that boys are two to three times more likely to go to jail before the age of 30 and that girls are five times less likely to get pregnant in their teen years without a father in the home. He also mentions studies that show that kids more likely to excel in school. He does not believe that they have to be breadwinners but need to be recognized beyond their financial contribution. Juli Slattery says each parent has different roles and are unique and so the family falls...

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... Having both a mother and father is beneficial for several reasons. First and foremost, due to the gender roles present in society it only makes sense to have parents of both roles to best educate and provide experiences for the child. Children do not have the ability to relate to a parent of the opposite sex in the same way they do with a parent of the same sex. Interacting with both genders on a daily basis in an intimate environment such as the home can benefit children and allow them to learn to respect and have better relationships with people of both genders outside the home. From the circles of friends and acquaintances that I have encountered, those who have a mother and a father have turned out better on average than those without both parents in their life. I have a mother and a father and have enjoyed having both shape my life in separate but unique ways.

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