Childhood Obesity : An Epidemic Worldwide Essay

Childhood Obesity : An Epidemic Worldwide Essay

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Childhood obesity has become an epidemic worldwide. The United States has one of the largest reported numbers of childhood obesity and the numbers are growing. “The percentage of children aged 6–11 years in the United States who were obese increased from 7% in 1980 to nearly 18% in 2012” ( Many first world countries much like America struggle with this growing issue. “The worldwide prevalence of childhood overweight and obesity increased from 4.2% in 1990 to 6.7% in 2010” ( There are many factors that are involved as to why childhood obesity has increased so rapidly over the past few years. Knowing the causes of childhood obesity can help in the process of reducing this worldwide epidemic. It is important to first know the causes of childhood obesity in order to figure out ways to reduce it. The main causes of obesity that will be explored are children over eating and under exercising as well as how the advancements of technology play a big role.
In first world countries food options are unlimited to most and this has caused children especially to start over-eating. Fast food restaurants and processed foods are playing a huge role with kids over eating. All over the world in major cities franchises such as McDonald’s can be seen on every street corner. There were over 14,000 McDonald’s in the United States alone in 2014 ( These restaurants come at a convenience for parents that do not have the time to either sit down for a meal or cook a meal for their children. The fast food industry tries to appeal to children as well, sticking with the McDonald’s example; they make things such as the “Happy Meal” especially for kids. Some kids over eat due to emotional problems and lack of parental guidance. In ...

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...onclusion, all of these things are leading causes in childhood obesity. While children are over eating and under exercising they are also being persuaded to live an unhealthy lifestyle through commercials and advertisements. All of these things combined make a huge impact on the lives of kids. Technology and television especially make it hard for parents and children to choose the right ways of eating and exercising. It is very important to realize the impact that these things have on leading a healthy life and the consequences that follow from giving into what now seems like society’s norms. The consequences to childhood obesity can be detrimental to the child’s health and make life difficult in the future. In first world countries childhood obesity has become so big of a problem because they can afford the luxuries that come with living in more advanced societies.

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