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The case study that I will be looking at in this assignment is case study 2. This relates to Niamh and her partner who are pregnant with their second child. Their daughter from the previous pregnancy is now four years old, but the memories of the birth have caused anxiety to linger with them as they found it to be very traumatic. They are both very excited and happy to be pregnant again and are looking forward to the arrival of their second child. However, they both have very differing views on the delivery. Niamh is hoping for a natural vaginal birth, but her partner feels that an elective caesarean section would be the best option. Niamh felt quite low after the birth of their daughter and did not feel that she bonded well initially. She is scared that this may happen again; however she is also worried that she may bond very well with the new baby and develop a greater feeling of love for the new baby than she has for her daughter. Niamh also fears her daughter reaction towards having a new baby in the house.
There are many psychological factors in this case; however the three factors that I am going to discuss in this assignment are the maternal/infant attachment, maternal mental health and pain and coping. I shall begin by discussing each of these factors, using psychological research and evidence. I will then discuss the role of the midwife in relation to each factor.
Attachment is an emotional bond between two people. In his theory of attachment, Bowlby states that the bonds that are formed early in life can impact throughout the rest of a persons life. The bond between mother and baby is the earliest bond to occur between two people and it is extremely individualized. It can happen at or after the birth of the baby, a...

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