Child Sexual Abuse During Miami Dade County Essay

Child Sexual Abuse During Miami Dade County Essay

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Kristi House is a non-profit organization dedicated to healing and eradicating child sexual abuse in Miami-Dade County. Department of Justice statistics reveals high child sexual abuse incidents in the US: 1 out of 4 girls and 1 out of 6 boys are sexually abused in the US before age 18 (2000). When a child disclosure about the abuse, it is important that caregiver believes those allegations and provide support as soon as possible.
Mothers are the principal caregivers and are the connection between agency and child. A moderate number of caregivers don’t cooperate with outreach and denied services. Services at Kristi House are offered to families whose children have experienced sexual abuse and it is an open door agency. Every family that is served, it is because they need and want that theirs children to be healed. These are not mandatory services refereed by the court or DCF. There are many factors why caregivers don’t want to continue with services such as financial concerns, lack of commitment or they believe that the abuse won’t affect their children future life.
Experiencing children sexual abuse is traumatic and caregiver’s support is essential. Walker-Descartes et al. (2011) reported that “although a disclosure by the child is important in the victim-to-patient process, it is an adult caregiver 's outreach to authorities that is essential to halting the abuse and securing medical and mental health services for that child “(p.438). Parent must be concerned about that he/she is the main support for the children and when child disclosures, it is a way to feel relief. Parents need to believe in those allegations. According to Godbout et al. (2014) “several studies indicated that CSA survivors with positive family environments ...

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... abuse. Kristi House has an institutional video that shows former child client that now are adults and explain how being part of Kristi House changed their lives in a positive way and today they are pursuing their goals, careers and dreams. It is very important that each representative has an exact impact that Kristi House does for the community and affected population.
At this time, agency is not advocating for any bill but I showed couple future bills such as S. 2397, a bill to amend the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act that will provide grants to agencies, helping with the assessment and investigation of suspected child abuse cases, in a manner that limits additional trauma to the child and the child 's family; the investigation and prosecution of cases of child sexual abuse. My filed instructor told me that it is a good bill and she will monitor closely.

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