Essay about The Character Traits of Chris McCandless

Essay about The Character Traits of Chris McCandless

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Christopher McCandless is seen by many individuals as an inspiration, an inspiration to not be afraid. “Chris was fearless even when he was little.”(Walt McCandless) Chris’s father made a comment about how he believed Chris was fearless, Chris was a fearless individual even was he was just a young boy, he showed how he was fearless and brave, his strong character was acknowledged as a young age by his father and his family. How many people have packed up a few of their belongings and just took a journey into the wild? Chris did and he took nothing along just what he could carry on his back, he proved to many individuals that all you really need is yourself to get you through the tough situations that you will encounter along they way. Chris’s actions and his way of thinking is what people are mostly inspired by, he showed individuals not to be held back by fear. Fear is a powerful feeling that can overpower someone very quickly, but fear did not seem to hold Chris back on his outrageous journey. “Happiness is only real when shared.”(Chris McCandless) Chris believed real happiness has to be shared, he shared that happiness with people he came across his journey. He shared his happened with the people he met along his way, by telling those stories about his adventures. He inspired many people; Christopher McCandless is a well-known individual. Chris’s journey made an impact; there are books, articles, and a movie published just to tell the story of the boy who went into the wild. The New York Times published the article Death of an Innocent that was written by John Krakauer in 1996, the article was a summary about Christopher McCandless. John Krakauer was intrigued by Christopher McCandless character that he wanted to go more in de...

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...s a fearless and courageous individual, he inspired many adventures. Chris took this journey to cleanse his body from the situations he was facing. Learning that you father is unfaithful to your mother must be devastating news. He was brave to not let that take control of his life and allowing the situation to solve itself with time. Some situations take time to and precision to solve and Chris gave it the time it needed. He was not running from his problem he was simply given the situation some time. Situation of that nature take time to heal and processes, time was all Chris had. Individuals try to live up to Chris’s exception; he was a hero. An icon inspiration to the director Sean Paul who directed the film Into the Wild based on the nonfiction book, the author John Krakauer who published a nonfiction book Into the Wild, and the article Death of an Innocent.

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