The Changing Role of Women in Thai Society Essay

The Changing Role of Women in Thai Society Essay

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For half past centuries, women in various cultures, including Thai, suffered from being treated unfairly and unequally. Their role and position were subservient and controlled by their fathers, brothers and husbands. They could not make any important decisions or even run the families equally. Society was convinced that women were not capable of performing any work outside of home. Thus, they were not allowed or expect to do anything except performing day-to-day tasks such as taking care of their children, preparing food for their husbands and family members and washing clothes. Nowadays, the status and role of Thai women has constantly changed. The modern day Thai women now have played more important role in society. This changing role can be classified into three main types which are family positions, political participation and job opportunities.
The first type of changes in women’s role in Thai society is family positions. Recently, Thai women in the family's status have improved including family decision-making and financial management. Since a family is one of the most important role in many Thai women’s daily lives and the traditional role of family always thinks men have absolute power to make any final decision in the family, women ,therefore, are understood to have just a parenting role who are raising children. However, as the society has developed and enhanced, women’s role in the family is increased. In the modern day, women’s status has changed from being submissive housewives to working women who are capable of making decisions and supporting themselves financially. According to Chiang Mai University, “many new studies have shown that the assumption that a man’s place is in the work world and woman’s place is in t...

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...ey can be contributors in the economic field. One example of female economic contributors is Ms. Supalak Umpoot. She is the owner of Siam Paragon, one of the biggest shopping center in Asia.
In conclusion, the role of women in Thai society has changed into three major part; family positions, political participation and job opportunities. Even though Thai women’s role and status in society has been raised, women in many areas, however, have not yet fully achieved equal right with men. Most of men still think that they are superior to women. They claim that women cannot do jobs that men can do since women have weaker physical strength. To eliminate these ideas, women should be patient and have enough efforts, wisdom and self-confidence. Moreover, they should overcome the belief that they are inferior to men never to lead but always follow and be proud of themselves.

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