Women roles changed for the better

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What haven't women done for civilization? From writing the first book about integral calculus to inventing windshield wipers. Women have changed the world for the better. Women have clearly done so much for us, but at one time, they weren't even considered "persons." World War 1 was a devastating war for Canada with so many soldiers dead. One good result from the Great War; women's movement. During world war one; men who left for the war in Europe, left jobs at home in Canada. With the increasing demand from Great Britain for food and munitions from Canada, someone had to take over the jobs left. With most of the men gone, the Canadian government turned Canadian women. Opportunities in the job market were opened up to women that were previously closed. This was the greatest change for women in WWI, the tremendous expansion for employment. For women who use to be housewives or in jobs with poor pays, this was an amazing improvement. This one event to allow women to work by Borden started the women movement by the Alberta 5 and the change in a women's traditional role. All efforts made by women at home and overseas started a movement and without their help, an Entente win would have never been in sight. Women's effort and contributions at home in the work industry and overseas as nurses, their home comforts for the soldiers in Europe, and the movement lead by the famous Five, were crucial to the win of the allies in World War One and the change in a women's traditional role. Firstly, the work women did when men left for the war, was very crucial and led to the Allied win. Demand of food and munitions overseas was not being fulfilled because farmers and factory workers went to France for the war. Work wasn't getting done and as a ... ... middle of paper ... ...en left for the war, women had the chance to show gender doesn't matter. They started to show the Canadian government that women can do the same thing men can. Plus, women provided the essential comforts to soldiers and without this warmth; the war was in Germany's hand. In the end, it only took 5 individuals to use the efforts made by the women in the war to provide evidence to win the vote and be known as "persons." This eventually led to the jazz culture and flappers in the roaring 20s. WW1 has shaped women in way that has changed their role for the years to come. Starting from housewifes, women become more independent and autonomous after the war. Overall, it was the hard work and determination by women in ww1 that changed their traditional roles for the many years to come. Now, with women's past in mind, what heights will they take humanity to in the future?
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