Changes Brought Forth by the Second Industrial Revolution Essay

Changes Brought Forth by the Second Industrial Revolution Essay

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Throughout the decades America has seen many changes in technology, social standards, fashion, and education, but no time proves to hold as much change as the era of the second revolutionary period. The second industrial revolution changed America in countless ways, and is in important reason why America is the way it is today. Thanks to the second industrial revolution we were able to invent billions of new things that led us to the technology we all know and love. The second industrial revolution brought many changes to America as you will see from the social progress, inventions, and workforces.
Immigrants are large parts of the changes and social progresses made during the second industrial revolution that improved and sculpted our country. America’s population increased significantly from 1865 to 1900 thanks to immigration (Brinkley 454.) Most immigrants in America during the 1880’s came from southern and eastern European countries to find freedom and better lives for their families (Brinkley 454.) The acceptance of immigrants into America during the second industrial revolution is what makes our country the cultural melting pot that it is today.
The second industrial revolution began directly after the failure of reconstruction when the population of America was still finding it difficult to see others as equals, the era of the second industrial revolution luckily made some changes to the predigest society and created a more tolerant America. During this time the Homestead Act was passed, this act allowed immigrants to buy plots of land for small fees creating jobs, homes, the ability to grow food, and become a part of America’s economy (Brinkley 407). American public schools began excepting immigrant children in a...

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...ulpted our country into what it is today. Stephen Gardiner once said, “The Industrial Revolution was another of those extraordinary jumps forward in the story of civilization.” Where do you think we would be without the changes of the second industrial revolution?

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