The Challenging Lessons From Videogames Essay

The Challenging Lessons From Videogames Essay

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Nate Cowley
Professor Musgrave
ENGL 1302-83019
11 February 2015
The Challenging Lessons from Videogames
Raising children can be a daunting yet noble task. So many little things have to be considered when taking care of children. Are they eating the right foods? Are they getting enough sleep? Are they learning well? What values will they hold to? How will they approach those values in their day-to-day lives? While those are all important questions, the last two are often forgotten. Those issues are sometimes left alone because they can be extremely challenging. Building character is a difficult thing to do. In past generations and even now, videogames are often viewed as mindless and useless for character development. Some games are indeed dumb and detrimental to a person’s mental health. On the other hand, with the proper mindset, many videogames teach valuable life lessons and can improve the values of a child or even an adult.
One value that I learned specifically from playing videogames was determination. Both of my parents naturally have the ability to stick with things through hard times, so it never occurred to them that I might not be the same way. It wasn’t until I was about 16 or 17 that I picked up a game called Dark Souls. It’s a challenging game that’s designed to make you quit. Naturally, I was a little bit hesitant to start playing this game. However, after struggling and struggling to beat just the first boss, I felt so rewarded that I had to keep playing. From that moment on, I noticed that I had a tendency to finish what I started. Whereas previously I would end up leaving something that got boring or hard and come back to it later. That’s how I’ve grown as a person simply by playing videogam...

... middle of paper ... and make values fun. According to Robert Tennyson and Robert Jorczak, “Educators…need the input and direction provided by empirical studies to make good choices in applying the lessons of video games to learning activities” (O’Neil 4). There are plenty of games out there that people of all ages can play. So next time, when considering how best to teach your child good, strong values, try videogames. Also, don’t judge a game by its title or cover, the first glance should never be your last.

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