Essay on The Challenges Rainbow Coalitions Face

Essay on The Challenges Rainbow Coalitions Face

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A rainbow coalition such as Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH organization aims to “protect, defend, and gain civil rights by leveling the economic and educational playing fields, and to promote peace and justice around the world” (RainbowPUSH). This organization aims to unite marginalized groups throughout society to provide members a voice. Through the organization of these peoples, organizers hope to promote their causes in order to better support their communities. However, there is an increasing lack of strength and participation within these groups. Readings from Jim Sleeper and Raphael Sonenshein in Franklin D. Gilliam Jr.’s, Farther to Go: Readings and Cases in African-American Politics as well as an article from Lucius Barker, Mack Jones, and Katherine Tate’s, African Americans and the American Political System discuss the challenges that make African American interethnic coalitions difficult.
Jim Sleeper’s “The End of the Rainbow,” discusses the challenges faced in a multi-ethnic political system where Rainbow I and II politics no longer appeal to nonwhites (). Black politicians entering the political realm during and after the Civil Rights era have faced increasingly difficult defeats throughout the country most often due to the lack of support by fellow Blacks, nonwhites, and whites who feel left out by the political strategy’s previously employed (). This has led to an increase in White defeats throughout urban, non-white, playing fields (). Raphael J. Sonenshein’s “The Battle over Liquor Stores in South Central Los Angeles: The Management of an Interminority Conflict,” discusses the “conflict[s] and coalitions among nonwhite communities.” Sleeper suggests the growing number of “politically centrist mayoral candidates tou...

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...g (Gilliam). A lack of leadership, resources, and conflicting interests has challenged interethnic group success in many areas throughout the country (Barker 361). The growing number of racial minorities experiencing different historical backgrounds and agendas throughout the United States along with previous white and nonwhite supporters who feel left out by the civil rights movement allow for tremendous challenges in creating interethnic coalitions (Gilliam).

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