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The Challenges Of An Inmate Essay example

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The Challenges of an Inmate Returning to Society
Society’s failure to act is creating a devastating effect on America. More and more ex-cons are being released from prisons annually, causing an overload to the federal, and state funded “aftercare” programs. With tightening budgets, and a poor economy, many of these programs are either non-existent or filled to capacity, making them ineffective. Thus the high rate of recidivism. The success of an inmate reentering society and becoming a productive citizen depends highly on proper supervision, viable employment opportunities, and sincere programs to help him/her with alcohol or drug addiction, among other social programs. Most of the neighborhoods plagued by the high rate of incarceration, and recidivism subsequently, look to religious organizations and other non-profit groups to establish these much needed programs to help the inmate returning to society. In some cases, many of these outside entities work in conjunction (partner) with the federal and state agencies. Statistics show that these types of programs are very instrumental in reducing the recidivism rate. Society’s inability to provide proper supervision for ex-cons, much needed social, and mental health programs, are proven to be some of the problems leading to a higher recidivism rate.

With the astronomical prison population spiraling out of control, according to the (Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2010), the prison population had grown to a whopping “475% increase between 1980-2008. In “New Jersey alone 70,000 inmates will be released within the next 5 years”, sadly many of them without proper supervision and needed programs “will commit more crimes”, and become a recidivism statistic. (New Jersey Institu...

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... regulations, and live freely within their communities. It will still be necessary for those programs to be readily available to them to assist them in that transition for any chance of success. Without those programs, it is almost assured that the ex-con will subsequently be returned to prison. The evidence is overwhelming, ex-cons will have a better chance of leading productive lives in society when there is supervision, job opportunities, and programs available to them that fit their needs. When considering the vast numbers of inmates being released daily, society can ill afford not having these things in place for the returning inmate. The results of a higher recidivism rate, will only continue to feed the revolving door of an already overburdened judicial system, putting society under siege to more crime, a costly financial burden, and eventually more prisons.

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