Central School District 's Elementary Schools That Implement The Direct Instruction Approach Or Not?

Central School District 's Elementary Schools That Implement The Direct Instruction Approach Or Not?

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This video gave us a glimpse into three of Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District 's elementary schools that implement the direct instruction approach. This intervention involves the teacher saying words and the students repeating it. The students also spell the words while the teacher taps a pen or another object on a desk. The video starts off showing kids in a group-classroom setting all repeating the same words after the teacher then spelling the words. If the children get the word incorrect, they have to repeat it. The video then shows the students having their individual evaluations and interviews them on whether or not they like the program. Through the course of the video, we see two more schools and get to hear what other teachers think about the intervention program.

To be honest, I cannot decide if I like this direct instruction approach or not. An aspect I do not like about this approach is the kids are treated like robots, having to repeat the same words to the teacher’s tapping. The uniformity of it all seems a bit eerie, and I personally do not think I would enjoy going to a school like this. Another aspect I do not like about this approach is having children participate in group activities like this does not allow room for error. If kids are unsure of what to say, their teacher will not know and they will fall behind. They also could be afraid of being wrong, so they pretend to participate. Though there are some negative aspects to this approach, there are also some positives. The kids are provided the opportunity to have an individual evaluation with the teacher. This is helpful because the students are in a low pressure situation and the teacher will be able to see if the student is actually learn...

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...o learn in an anxiety free environment is important.

From these videos, I learned there is no perfect education system. Educators are still trying to figure out the best possible way to teach kids what they need in order to be successful. All of these school’s implement art into their curriculum which is super important. I learned that it is important for kids to think cognitively and to not be stuck in a box but to jump off of a page. I also learned that each child is different and it is important to let them experience different things in order to learn at their own pace and figure out what they want to do. Finally, I learned that our current education system is not living up to its potential. Though none of these schools are perfect, it is important for us to find a balance and mold our education system into a perfect learning environment for children.

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