Essay on CCSVI Medical Tourism in Canada

Essay on CCSVI Medical Tourism in Canada

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The heightened popularity of CCSVI treatments for MS patients is increasing in spite of the many ethical issues presented by it. As such, the Canadian government has a moral obligation to consider the implications brought on to Canadians seeking this treatment as well as the rest of its’ public. In this paper I will argue that due to increased media attention, multiple stakeholder desires, and different future health repercussions; the Canadian government needs to find some sort of regulatory measures to increase the ethical obligations warranted in such an experimental procedure while still maintaining the agency of its public.

The basis of the CCSVI procedure requires opening up blocked veins (McClure, 2011). The theory states that narrowed or blocked veins in the neck called stenosis will drain the blood that the brain needs and this turns into chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency (McClure, 2011). This condition is what has been claimed by Zamboni to cause symptoms of MS (McClure, 2011).

For those such as Linda Stewart who used experimental treatments unavailable in Canada who had a positive experience, the need for regulation is less supported (O’Connor, 2012). However, this does not mean that research should be negated. There are multiple recorded deaths of MS patients linked to the experimental CCSVI procedure (McClure, 2011). In one case, a woman who used the procedure came out with very high blood pressure (McClure, 2011). After she was dismissed with medication, symptoms of headache and nausea occurred (McClure, 2011). Not long after she was taken off life supporting machinery due to brain damage that could not be reversed (McClure, 2011). Her husband stated that these risks were never communicated to them bef...

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