Essay on The Causes Of The War Of 1812

Essay on The Causes Of The War Of 1812

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A visual diagram of the causes of the War of 1812 in detail spread upon a moist sheet cake. For their topic, both Alaina and Karizma chose to present the causes of the battle of 1812 in food form. For example, there are sailors being impressed by the British to show an example of one of the reasons America went to war with Britain, this was shown by having a soldier painted half blue and half red in which the sailors was forced to fight against their own nation. For the visual aspect of the impressed sailor red represents the British and the blue represents America. The sheet cake also shows the British stepping on America’s Constitution to show how little respect many of British had for America. There is also a British soldier stopping an American soldier from trading profitable goods with other countries; although not one more solid delaying Americas trade but an entire British Navy blocked Americas most valued trading ports, showing yet another reason that contributed to the start of the war. Another reason for America to take action against the British was because the British began to arm the Native-Americans with guns and other hazards weapons. This in ranged the Americans because the Native-Americans were supposed to be on our side and the British turned them against us.

This cake took quite a very long painstaking process. First Alaina and Karizma went to a local value store and picked up some piping bags for the frosting to go on the cake. Next they quickly arrived at Meijer where they purchased powdered sugar, marshmallows, and Crisco for the fondant section of the sheet cake. The bakers also purchased some icing in order to create a visual effect of mud puddles on the battlefield. The chefs then patiently drove to ...

... middle of paper ...

...o be loosening from the counter the girls also realized that the fondant wasn’t sticking together anymore, it resembled more of a pasta noodle look instead of a pizza dough consistency. The vegetable shorting had turned the fondant extremely oily, the bakers quickly understood they need to do something and quickly they began to add more powdered sugar and the oil seemed to have subsisted as they began to roll out there already pre-made fondant onto the counter top they noticed that it seemed very thin, they soon how found a solution where half would go on the cake then the other half would go to helping patch up rough looking areas on the cake. They then painted the fondant and began to add the soldiers and other accessories.
Finally, their masterpiece was finished and although it was a rocky road they were proud of their accomplishments and couldn’t wait to dig in.

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