Essay The Causes of the Palestinian- Israeli Conflict

Essay The Causes of the Palestinian- Israeli Conflict

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Wars are horrific events that take place between groups of people in the same or different countries often causing psychological damage. The Palestinian- Israeli conflict is an ongoing combat amongst two nations with different ideals. There is a lot of psychological reasoning behind the actions of these different ethnicities. In one hand Palestinians cannot tolerate the existence of Israelis in their territories similarly Israelis are intolerant of Palestinians. In psychology fundamental attribution error, conformity and prejudice contribute to the ways the Palestinians and Israelis perceive the rivalry between their countries.
The Palestinian- Israeli conflict developed over a period. The conflict concerns a piece of land in western Asia known as Palestine to the Muslims and Israel to the Jews. In the 1940’s European Jews migrated into Palestine in exploration of a new homeland after escaping the adversities of Hitler’s regime. The migration of the new settlers brought anger and frustrations to the Palestinians who were not willing to share their territory. This migration foreshowed years of bloodshed and hatred that still exists till this day. Israelis and Palestinians continuously belittle each other despite multiple attempts for peace. This ongoing conflict has negatively shaped the perception of both groups of people.
Fundamental attribution error plays an important role in the psychology behind the Palestine- Israeli conflict. Fundamental attribution error develops from observing people’s characteristics. In addition, fundamental attribution is when a person overvalues the impact of a person’s character and not the influence of the situation. For example, in the article “Prosor: Palestinian children still taught to hate ...

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...towards the Palestinians without interacting and finding out what’s occurring in their schools and mosques. Both groups reflect on people who have unwelcoming insights of their adversary thus leading to prejudice and an endless conflict.
Hence, the concepts fundamental attribution error, conformity and prejudice play an essential role in the psychology behind the Palestinian – Israeli conflict. Palestine and Israel are two different nations of people who primarily overestimate the value of the other personality and not the influence of the situation. Secondly, each ethnic group is conformed to feel the need to belittle one another only for the satisfaction of fitting in. Prejudice also proves to show how pre-judgment is a leading factor which impacts the minds of a great majority. Psychology is a leading factor behind the unending fight amongst the two groups.

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