Essay about Causes of American Poverty and Possible Solutions

Essay about Causes of American Poverty and Possible Solutions

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Poverty is not a simple issue. You cannot ask a question about poverty and get one universal response. There are many conflicting ideas about what poverty is, and more importantly, where it comes from. The make-up of American society shows that so much in life can depend on one’s family. Having opportune circumstances can land people jobs, but having the opposite can also perpetuate the depression and reality of poverty for others. When people have reasons not to seize their days, they might sink deeper and deeper into the belief that they cannot truly escape poverty. People need to have the proper assistance to breakaway from poverty and lead successful lives. Poverty in America is largely due to the government’s overcompensation of benefits, which provides less emphasis on education and leads to individuals lacking the drive and skills to succeed on their own.
Initially, what matters tremendously in determining one’s chances in life is education. People engulfed in enriched learning environments can believe that they are able to do great things. All the tools to succeed may be firmly within grasp. Teacher guidance only furthers these hopes and feelings of confidence. However, when kids are taken out of school for financial reasons, they might not retain this great self-assurance. Poor people who haven’t received a great education are not necessarily inclined to motivate their children to get much of an education. Without proper encouragement, children might see themselves as forced into carrying on the lives of their parents. This cycle can seem endless, which necessitates a change to the current system. First of all, the government is causing serous harm when it gives blank checks to those in poverty and expects it to be h...

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...s a more commendable lifestyle.
Poverty is clearly not an issue that will be resolved overnight. Meticulous work is required, whether it is making additions or subtractions from the government’s current plan. In our social structure, it’s highly unlikely that the number of people in poverty will ever be next to zero. Nonetheless, the United States has to be determined to help alleviate the pain felt by many below the poverty line. This should be accomplished by removing benefits that the current welfare system contains. When people feel that necessity to create their own living and be assertive, they can very well have a strong hope for themselves. Pure determination to change and go in a new direction can help believe once again believe in the American Dream. A corner can be turned in the poverty dilemma, and the government needs to show faith in its people.

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