The Causes and Treatments of the Most Common Phobias Essay

The Causes and Treatments of the Most Common Phobias Essay

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The first common phobia is claustrophobia. Someone with claustrophobia tends to avoid certain places and situations that would involving them in tight spaces or narrow pathways. The possibilities of claustrophobic person getting into tight spaces or narrow pathways will start experiencing anxiety attack or panic attack. People who have claustrophobia rather walk up 10 or more flights of stairs than ride in elevators. Someone who is claustrophobic isn't afraid of tight or closed spaces, they are afraid of what would happens in the tight spaces or closed spaces. A claustrophobic is terrified of the feeling of being trapped. Some people who have claustrophobia experience excessive feeling of vulnerability, when they have less more to move. It is that a person's fear of tight spaces is a shadow fear of being trapped in ways that stops them from escaping when they feel threaten. 3 out of 4 case files of claustrophobia isn't serious and professional help isn't needed. The minority of case files seeking helps can not be attributed completely to lower levels of fear. Survey data display that serious claustrophobia affects as many as 2 to 5% of the population, few of those majority of the total look for professional help.
The second common phobia is agoraphobia. Agoraphobia applies to an interrelated and overlapping bunch of fear of phobias of leaving home, fear of entering shops , crowds and public places or traveling alone in public transportation. Many people who are agoraphobic are terrified of being in situation that would leave them defenseless in public, and blocked exit. It's clearly true that panic attacks are characteristic of majority of agoraphobic people. There are two types of agoraphobia: with panic attack and withou...

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...her than a learned fear. Sources have shown that between 2 and 5 percent of the general population experience from acrophobia, twice as many women are affected more than men. Depending on how serious the acrophobia's response to their certain promotes, acrophobia can be a state that considerably impedes a person's life. While acrophobia may seem like a completely harmless and even logical fear. The amount of the fear in many is often unbalanced to any danger they might hypothetically be in. When they are placed at a height that they find very unpleasant, they are more likely to go into a state of panic and distress which, oddly, can make it more hard for them to get down unharmed. The limitations on a person's daily life when handling with serious acrophobia can essentially be fairly massive, and acrophobia only increase as the height of the building gets taller.

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