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Cause and Effect of a Death: The Catalyst of World War I

By the beginning of the 20th century, hostility had grown throughout the European

continent as many European powers claimed new colonies to expand their territory in

pursuit of more land, resources, and power. Before World War I, Continental Africa and portions

of Continental Asia were points of interest amongst the nations in Europe, primarily because of

the raw materials these areas possessed (Hickman) .The rising competition and desire for greater

empires led to an increase in confrontation that helped push the world into World War I. In the

year 1914, the murder of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary was the catalyst for

physical battles breaking out between nations and European empires that later included

nations like the United States.

By the year 1908, Austria formally occupied Bosnia which had awaken a feeling of

outrage and anger in Russia and Serbia, and because both territories had Slavic ethnicity in

common , the two countries wanted to avert further Austrian growth ("Austria-Hungary"). Their

efforts were not successful when the Ottoman Empire agreed and settled to acknowledge

Austrian control in exchange of a financial restitution, and this event deteriorated even more the

hostile relations between the two states ("Austria-Hungary"). Confronted with rising hostility

within its already diverse population, Austria-Hungary viewed Serbia as a threat. This was

mainly because Serbia wanted to unify the Slavic people that included those populating in the

southern parts of the Austrian-Hungarian empire. The feeling of pan-Slavic was supported by

Russia who had signed an agreement to support Serbian nation if the Austrian...

... middle of paper ...

....5 million dead and 20 million more wounded. The

war left a legacy of bitterness throughout Europe and poor economic conditions in

Germany that contributed to Hitler’s arise to supremacy in Germany and World War II twenty-

one years later; in retrospect, one may question the justification of the causes and consequences

of such a horrific event.

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