The Case Study of Andrea Yates Essay

The Case Study of Andrea Yates Essay

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Andrea Yates long history of mental illness did impact what she did to her children as well as an outside influence of Michael and Rachel Woroniecki. In 1993 Rusty and Andrea married and a year later they had their first child a son named Noah. They planned on having many children whatever God intended for them. Their five children were all named after figures from the Bible. After Andrea’s first child Noah was born she began to have violent visions and felt that Satan was speaking to her. Andrea kept all her feelings to herself not realizing how much mental illness was in her family because she and Rusty had Bible inspired notions about family and motherhood. Andrea tried to have a fourth child, but suffered a miscarriage. Not long after that she got pregnant and had her fourth child. Andrea began to suffer from serious depression after the birth of their fourth child. America has a hard time on understanding how hormonal shifts can cause violent hallucinations and thoughts. Such women are at risk of committing suicide or harming their children thinking that it is for the child’s own good.
Despite doctor’s warnings of having more children could result in psychosis in late 2000 they had a fifth child a baby girl named Mary. Meanwhile Andrea has survived two suicide attempts, experienced many episodes of psychotic hallucinations and has taken a number of different medications. Andrea let a big cry for help out when she told a doctor that she was scared that she may hurt someone. After Andrea’s father died which she was very close with she began to drift into a private world and no longer functioned. Andrea was tangled with depression, religious fanaticism and psychosis. She had five young children to care for and tried to be a...

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...ychosis. During the years of 1994 to 2000 Andrea had five children and one miscarriage. She also breastfed causing a disruption in her hormonal balance never have any time to re-establish equilibrium. This had strong effects on her mental health. According to (Comer & J, 2011), the sociocultural model looks outward to the social and cultural forces that affect members of a society. One of this model’s perspectives, the family-social perspective, points to three kinds of factors in its explanations of abnormal functioning: social labels and roles, social networks and supports, and the family system. Clinicians from the family-social perspective may practice group, family, or couple therapy or community treatment (p.62). In Andrea’s treatment plan Group therapy and remaining on haldol and having a strong supportive support system might have helped her with coping.

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