Case Study Of An Accountant Worked At Two Accounting Firms Essay

Case Study Of An Accountant Worked At Two Accounting Firms Essay

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Case study
An accountant worked at two accounting firms in an extent of six months. She gambled online very regularly.
She was employed in the tax department of both of these firms, and negotiated issues related to tax, that clients had in their institutions.
In some occasions, the client`s payment of tax, needs to be rightfully decreased. The accountant has the authority to submit claims to reduce tax payments on behalf of her clients.
If their tax has already been paid, the government department that administers and gathers tax in the United Kingdom, (Her Majesty`s Revenue and Customs tax) repays the overpayments, when a claim is made by an accountant in a firm.
In a three month span, in the first firm, certain clients were informed that they were to receive tax repayments.
Then, they recieved notifications stating that the repayments were made into their bank accounts.
The clients who recieved notifications of tax repayments, did not identify the bank accounts stated, as theirs.
In the next three months, in another accouting firm,the same incident occured to clients.
The network of independant forensic accountants were contracted to interrogate.

Information found by the forensic accountant
The time that these incidents took place, coexisted with the accountant`s employment at each of the two firms, and concerned clients that only she worked with.
She had also made payments to online gambling companies using credit cards of four individuals that she knew. This was unknown to the these people,but she was able to access their credit cards because of her high position at her workplace.

Analysing the case study
When the clients of the first firm, recieved bank deposit details about accounts that they did not recognize, th...

... middle of paper ...

... cash from clients. The cash that was stolen, was ironically, the tax repayments belonging to clients. The accountant`s service was to propose claims so that clients received repayments on tax that was overpayed. But, the accountant stole the repayments instead.

As demonstrated and interpreted above, both of the cases have some likenesses and affinities, and they also have dissimilarities. But a similarity that they both have, is that they have constituted huge costs and deficits to not only the businesses and establishments but also to their consumers and clients. The assistance of a forensic accountant is very invaluable in bringing justice to those affected by fraud in court, guiding them to somewhat reclaim and recover their losses, and supporting them to enforce better internal and accounting controls, in order to further prevent theft, fraud and embezzlement.

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