The Case of Contamination by Kwane Anthony Appiah Essay

The Case of Contamination by Kwane Anthony Appiah Essay

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"The case of contamination" by Kwane Anthony Appiah, analysis in ways in which the world is becoming globalized and contaminated. The article began with a description of a scene in which Ashanti, (the king) was in a ceremony in Kumani and before the king arrived, people were talking in their phones, and others were expressing their ideas on educations, science, technology and other related world issues. Even too many people’s surprise: The king happily announced that he will also be meeting with the head of the World Bank. With all of these, there's only two sides to choose from: those who agree with globalization and those who don’t agree with globalization. Weather people agree with globalization on or not, the truth of the matter is that people from different cultures and religions are coming together thru globalization. Religions is the main example Appiah uses to describe how globalization can be used as an advantage to conserve its roots. Globalization organizes cultures and people no matter what their boundaries might be. Other, though believe that globalization affects religions in a negative way because of contamination. In this article, contamination is described as something corrupt because the values left by ancestors are being destroyed by this new generation.
Appiah’s article make notes on pros and cons of globalization. He states as globalization begins to develop, good things in villages are accruing: such as more access to new and better medicines, clean water and better education. The influence of globalization is noticeable but it does not overpower cultures are as whole. The villagers still practice their own beliefs and customs, they are just adjusting to new advances in society. This is something that was...

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...York. Globalization and religion interact with each other as new influence happens in the world, and religions either adapt and embrace these changes or simply, go at war with it.
In my opinion, the case of Contamination has remarkable arguments on globalization, it gives many examples on the positives and isn’t afraid to express the many negatives of it as well. I believe that Globalization is a rather good thing because it brings us all together in unity despite one’s religion or culture. Because of Globalization, we can enjoy each other histories, education, and even technological advantages. I also believe that globalization is not only good for the world but also for the economy by itself. It connects us as human beings and weather one is a neo-fundamentalist or cosmopolitan- we need to embrace globalization because it unite us for decades to come.

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