Case Management At Jackson General Hospital Essay

Case Management At Jackson General Hospital Essay

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On Wednesday, September 16th, 2015 I continued my preceptorship, but instead of being on B6, I joined case management at Jackson General Hospital. My Preceptor was Debbie Ashworth, the director over the case managers. The Mission statement of the case managers was the same as the hospital, and it states, “To improve the health and well-being of the communities we serve while providing exceptional and compassionate care.” I got to the office at 0750 and then left at 1430. I signed some confidentiality papers and sat down with the manager. She gave me a brief synopsis of what case managers do in the hospital, and what my agenda was for the day. She explained some roles of the case managers such a handling cases and determining if they would be inpatient. She also explained how they handle discharges, and how the work with the nurses, doctors, and social workers on each floor to discharge a patient.
After I was done talking to the clinical manager, I went to Mrs. Ashworth and she explained we were going to go to a meeting downtown. I asked about what exactly the meeting was, and she explained that it was basically a meeting about collaboration. She said that before the Affordable Care Act was implemented in 2010, health care facilities would keep to themselves, but she said that’s not an option now. The meeting this morning was directed towards admission statistics. It was great to see that the statistics have gone down for admissions for Jackson General Hospital. Mrs. Ashworth stated that the hospital has done better as a whole with assuring patients are ready to leave and determining if the admission was avoidable. They then make changes depending on the situation. My frustration came from this meeting, only because a lot of word...

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... meeting with Mrs. Ashworth and a doctor from the hospital. The doctor had a very modest demeanor and asked me questions about myself. He was very personable and would explain concepts to me if I did not understand them. The purpose of the meeting was to determine if the admissions were avoidable or unavoidable and that is why the doctor was needed. It was very informative to hear the cases and mistakes that could have been avoided.
Reflecting back on the day, it was very different from B6.It was a great day and Mrs. Ashworth made it very educational. I was constantly moving and learning about different areas. It was very helpful to go to each department,so that if a patient has a question about that part of the hospital services, I can have a better answer for them. I now realize how important their job is and have a much greater appreciation for them as a group.

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