Carl Jung 's The Personal And The Collective Unconscious Essay

Carl Jung 's The Personal And The Collective Unconscious Essay

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Sabrina Ellison
Mrs. Walters
English 1113
15 May 2015
What Are Dreams?
In Carl Jung’s The Personal and the Collective Unconscious, Jung poses this question: Are our dreams products of the conscious mind or of the unconscious mind? As a general rule, the product of a dream can be either of the conscious mind or of the unconscious mind. The dreams really depend on the aspect of the person’s daily life, their stress levels, their ability to release their own creativity such as artist and writers, and it also depends on the person mental stability and their own personal background. With all of these factors in mind it is truly hard to determine whether dreams are of the conscious mind or of the unconscious mind but I do believe, with my own dreams, that there are mostly of the unconscious mind.
I have discussed this topic with my parents recently to decide if dreams were of the conscious mind or of the unconscious mind, but the choice was not easily made. My father often has dreams regarding his previous actions throughout the day such as filing paper work. His dreams can also be based off of how he felt before he went to sleep, whether angry or happy. He often sleep walks and talks as well, on most occasions he talks about numbers or some sort of gibberish that is a mixture of the events that are occurring that he is very well aware of. My mother on the other hand rarely ever dreams but when she does it not a very pleasant sort of dream. They usually consist of her trying to escape some sort of situation, usually one that has placed a lot of stress on her conscious mind. A close friend of mine has dreams where he often dies in strange and unusual ways that appear to be a common dream among the teens in my class, the dre...

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...ious activities of the mind” (Brainy Quotes). This then shows that dreams are more of an unconscious state of mind that most people go through. We may all be connected through dreams that we share, they could even possibly be a way to make connections with new people through common dreams and common images. Dreams are the gateway to understanding the working of a human mind and how all people can find a common interest in each other.

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