Capital Punishment : The Threat Of Death Essay

Capital Punishment : The Threat Of Death Essay

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Through capital punishment, we as a society bring the criminals that commit heinous crimes to what the government deems as justice. However, the individuals who contemplate and commit heinous crimes are no longer deterred by the threat of capital punishment. Accordingly, we may reach the conclusion that Lempert asserts in his Michigan Law review, “Desert and Deterrence”: “The threat of death can only deter potential criminals who [at least] loosely calculate the cost and rewards of their behavior” (Lempert). In what follows, I will argue that the individuals of our society that are criminals or potential criminals are no longer deterred by capital punishment due to the further harsher punishment of life-imprisonment and the literal decline of the societies which use the death penalty as a punishment.
Does capital punishment, the forfeit of death for a wrongdoing, still work as a deterrence, to hinder or prevent, criminal wrong doings? Through surveys and research, eighty-eight percent of the leading criminologist have found that the common belief of capital punishment being a deterrent has lost support among society (Radelet and Lacock). If society in a mass consensus no longer supports the death penalty in its true nature, then society in a minimum consensus, the criminals, will also no longer view it as a deterrent. This poses a natural argument against capital punishment’s effectiveness and necessity in today’s modern world.
In America, it may seem revolutionary for states to abolish the use of capital punishment due to it no longer being effective. However, America could be considered to be behind the times of revolutionizing its justice system by completely abolishing the death penalty when compared to other countrie...

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...ade a different choice,” ultimately realizing they are limited forever and can only accept the company of fellow offenders in which they no longer differ from.
Pain is the way of conscience and it is through it that living beings come to have knowledge of themselves. Because to be aware of oneself, to have a personality, is to know oneself and feel oneself distinct from other beings, and to feel this distinction can only come about by shock, by the greater or lesser pain, by the feeling of one’s own limits… (Unamuno 24)
Through deduction, the use of the death penalty as a deterrent of heinous crimes is no longer affective nor is it the best punishment we can morally construct through reason. Complete removal of capital punishment will not only have a positive impact on the society from an economic standpoint, but more importantly will advance humanity’s wellbeing.

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