Capital Punishment: The Best Solution Essay

Capital Punishment: The Best Solution Essay

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It is the the duty of the government to provide security for all individuals. Therefore, it is only a necessity, but also an obligation to get rid of those who impose threat or harm to any individual. Capital punishment is not always the most appropriate solution, but given the circumstances, it may be the most effective way to deal with criminals who threaten society.

First of all, capital punishment would reduce taxes and makes prisons a much more effective place to hold criminals. This causes life imprisonment to become practically obsolete and prisons will be capable of functioning as a rehabilitation center. (the purpose of prison is to separate the criminals from the general population and to rehabilitate prisoners.) By implementing capital punishment, taxes would go down because there will be less prisoners to pay for. Also, capital punishment would get rid of “life imprisonment” (those who have committed a crime serious enough to get sentenced for life will be executed) and this is very important because recently, prisons have started to become a home for prisoners ins...

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