Essay on The Candidates For 2016 Presidential Election

Essay on The Candidates For 2016 Presidential Election

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The candidates for the 2016 presidential election have addressed several controversial issues and released their solutions to them. Republican candidates Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, Chris Christie, and Ted Cruz have all expressed their own thoughts on three main issues. These highly debated concerns include tax reform, higher education, and abortion.
All three candidates have stated their opinions on current tax policies and have discussed their own tax reforms. Marco Rubio believes that the whole structure of taxes should be simplified. He once said, “The current tax code taxes too much unfairly, and conspires with our outmoded welfare system to trap poor families in poverty rather than facilitate their climb the middle class”(Marcorubio). Following this statement, he explained how he would handle taxes. Rubio said that he would transform existing tax brackets into two brackets; 15% and 30%. He would also do away with deductions. Like Rubio, Ben Carson agrees that the current tax code is too complex. He uses the Bible as inspiration to propose a flat rate of 10%. Using his tax reform, there would be no need for the IRS. He claims that this will change the difficulty of filling out tax forms, also reducing the time required for filling it out down to 13 minutes. He showed his foundation in religion by saying “When I pick up my bible, you know what I see? I see the fairest individual in the universe, God, and he’s given us a system”(Bencarson). Chris Christie proposes a “pro-growth” tax reform. He wants to lower rates, simplify returns, and reduce to three income tax rates. The top rate would be no higher than 28% and the bottom rate would be a single digit number. Like Carson, his plan is based on something from the past. He bases...

... middle of paper ... to Planned Parenthood’s actions. Chris Christie agrees with both Carson and Rubio on the banning of abortion after 20 weeks. He established his views after hearing his daughter’s heartbeat at three months. As governor, Christie vetoed Planned Parenthood five times. Ted Cruz agrees with other candidates that there should be exceptions to the ban. But unlike Carson, he would only accept the exception of the endangerment of the mother’s life. He calls Roe v. Wade a dark anniversary in the pro-life fight.(Schmitz) Most of these candidates have the same views on abortions but different views on a solution.
In conclusion, the 2016 election has created an excellent platform for the candidates Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, Chris Christie, and Ted Cruz to take a stand on important issues. The issues they have debated about include tax reform, higher education, and abortion.

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